10 July 2023

The highest level of ESG reporting !

Kwestie ESG raportujemy na najwyższym poziomie!

The Unibep Group has once again received the highest A rating in the corporate reporting rating in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) area, created by Dom Maklerski Bank BPS SA. “The final rating, A (21.07 pts), received by Unibep, proves the highest quality of reporting in the ESG area,” explained the creator of the ranking.

The Brokerage House of BPS Bank has analysed the Sustainable Development Report of the Unibep Group in terms of reporting quality guidelines prepared by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW). To this end the brokerage house created a rating of corporate reporting in the ESG area (E for environmental responsibility, S for social responsibility, and G for corporate governance), considering the significance and quality of reporting for specific industries and assigning them appropriate weightage. The analysis is conducted once a year.

“The final rating A, received by Unibep in this rating, proves the highest quality of reporting in the ESG area,” reads the BPS Brokerage House expert commentary. “The previous scoring was conducted in April 2022, and it was based the 2021 data. Compared to the previous year, the final rating did not change, but the score increased from 20.78 pts. in 2022 owing to the points awarded for improved reporting on the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions.” 

“The received rating proves our transparency, meticulousness, and commitment to environmental, community, and governance focused activities. The Sustainable Development Report is a tool that enables us to monitor our ESG activities and identify areas of possible improvement. We will continue our efforts on the road to a sustainable future, improving our reporting and taking further actions to improve the balance between our business efficiency and care for the environment and community,” said Dariusz Blocher, President of the Management Board of Unibep.

Sustainable Development Report of the Unibep Group for 2022 is available at: Sustainable Development Report of the UNIBEP Group in 2022

The ESG Strategy of the Unibep Group

In December 2022, the Supervisory Board of the Unibep Group adopted the document titled “ESG Strategy. Perspective 2023-2025”. The document is based on five strategic goals:

  1. Limiting the environmental impact throughout the whole value chain, minimising environmental risks, and promoting activities that create opportunities for sustainable operations.
  2. Ensuring safe and satisfying working conditions.
  3. Building relationships and developing an organisational culture that incorporates the idea of sustainable development.
  4. Raising consciousness about universal human rights among stakeholders.
  5. Ethics in action.

Each goal has been assigned with commitments, ambitions, and measurable indicators. The interested parties can familiarise themselves with the full content of the document on the unibep.pl website under the tab labelled “ESG”: Sustainable development ESG (unibep.pl)

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