28 June 2023

Tertio Ponte: 8 Months of Construction Behind Us

Za nami osiem miesięcy budowy Tertio Ponte
fot. Operator ARP

Unibep is constructing a modern office building named Tertio Ponte in the area of Kruszyńskiej and Broniewskiego Streets in Włocławek. The construction works have been in progress for several months. Currently, the construction team is implementing the prefabricated structure of the facility. “With this technology, we assemble even several dozens of prefabricated elements every day,” explained Adam Klimczak, Contract Manager at Unibep.

The office and service complex will consist of three interconnected buildings with a height of up to 5 storeys above ground. In the underground part, there will be a garage with 80 parking spaces. Additionally, there will be also ground-level parking spaces available for cars and bicycles.

The total built-up area amounts to over 11,000 sq.m. The office space will reach nearly 5,000 sq.m., and the space designated for services will exceed 2,000 sq.m.

“The construction of the prefabricated building structure is underway. The ceiling above the second floor is nearing completion. We are preparing to install the first vertical elements on the third floor, namely prefabricated columns and internal walls of the stairwells,” said Adam Klimczak, Contract Manager at Unibep. “We have completed tasks related to thermal insulation of the ceiling and stairwell cores in the underground garage and we have started sanitary installation works,” he added. In July, we are planning to start the installation of window joinery and carry out electrical installation works.

The completion of the open shell state of the facility is scheduled for July 2023. The achievement of building air tightness has been set for November 2023. At that time, the construction site will be made available for finishing and arrangement works. The completion of all works and the issuance of the occupancy permit are expected to occur in February 2024.

On 21 June 2023, the representatives of the ARP Operator company, along with Joanna Borowiak, a member of the Polish Parliament, visited the Tertio Ponte construction site. In the picture from the left: Aleksander Korzeb, Construction Manager at Unibep; Cezary Orzechowski, Operator ARP Project Manager; Joanna Borowiak, member of the Polish Parliament; Patrycja Bębas, Director of the Investment Implementation Office at ARP Operator; Grzegorz Czepiel, Market Director at Unibep; and Adam Klimczak, Contract Manager at Unibep. (photo by: WojciechAlabrudzinski/wloclawek.naszemiasto.pl)
Modernity and ecology

Tertio Ponte will be a modern A class office and service complex. Buildings of this type are characterised by high finishing standards, excellent furnishing, and state-of-the-art management systems.

The building undergoes BREEAM certification, which is a system evaluating the ecological and environmental sustainability of buildings, as well as the user comfort. On a six-point scale, Tertio Ponte ranks with a good rating, which indicates that it meets 45-55% of the BREEAM criteria.

“Tertio Ponte incorporates numerous ecological solutions. It is worth noting, for instance, the photovoltaic roofing of the car park and the photovoltaic blinds covering the building’s top floor windows,” explained Adam Klimczak.

The Tertio Ponte investment is being implemented under the “Factory” Programme (“Program Fabryka”), for which the Industrial Development Agency and the ARP Operator company are responsible. The partner of the investment is the local government of Włocławek.

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